If you are a member of JASNA you are welcome to attend all of our meetings and special events.  If you are not a member, you may come to a few of our meetings before joining the Society.  Information on how to join JASNA is available on the JASNA Membership Page.   

Check this page periodically for updated information about our Region's activities.  

Southern Arizona Region members will receive email notices of upcoming events as well as last minute changes or cancellations.  All meetings are held in Tucson unless otherwise specified. 

2017 JASNA-Southern Arizona Region Programs

All meetings will be held in Tucson unless otherwise specified.
Questions about upcoming programs?  Please contact Verenicce and Melita at janesmeetingmayhem@gmail.com.

Date & Time            Meeting/Event                                                                                                          Location

January 15              2017 Planning Meeting                                                              Dusenberry-River Library
1:00 pm                                                                                                                          5605 E River Rd, Tucson

February 19            Couples in Austen's Novels                                                         Quincie Douglas Library
1:30 pm                   Inspired by the theme of Valentine's Day, we will discuss          1585 East 36th St, Tucson
                                the "matches" Jane Austen arranged in her novels.                                          


March 11-12          Tucson Festival of Books                                                                   University of Arizona 9:30 am-5:30 pm    Visit our booth to meet local members, "talk Jane," and learn            The Mall, Booth #247
                               more about the Jane Austen Society of North America and
                               our Region. 

April 1                    Jane Austen Day                                                                         Tucson Botanical Gardens
10 am to 3 pm        Join us for a day of all things Austen! Visit our Jane Austen               2150 N Alvernon Way
                               Day page for information about our program and how to 

April 23                  Heroes in the Novels                                                                                     Woods Library
                               Not all of Austen's "heroes" are created equal.  Share                     3455 N 1st Ave, Tucson
                               your thoughts as we compare and contrast the "heroes" in 
                               Austen's novels and whether they deserve the title.

May 21                   The Daughters of King George III                                               Dusenberry-River Library
1:30 pm                  Join us for a presentation on the princess daughters of King         5605 E River Rd, Tucson
                               George III, contemporaries of Jane Austen.                         

August 13              The Legacy of Jane Austen                                                              Murphy Wilmot Library
1:30 pm                  Austen’s novels have long served as inspiration for sequels,        530 N Wilmot Rd, Tucson
                               prequels, pastiches, and reimaginings of her works.  For our
                               August meeting, we invite attendees to read one or more of
                               these homages and come prepared to discuss them.

September 17       The Importance of Character                                                                         Woods Library
1:30 pm                  Which character traits did Jane Austen value and approve?             3455 N 1st Ave, Tucson
                               Which did she ridicule?  Join us in September as we explore
                               the importance of character in her novels.

October 22            Recap of JASNA's 2017 Annual General Meeting                       Dusenberry-River Library
1:30 pm                  Region members who attended JASNA's annual conference in      5605 E River Rd, Tucson
                               Huntington Beach, CA, Oct 6-8 will discuss some of the
                               highlights and presentations.

November 12         An Afternoon of Cards                                                                    Murphy Wilmot Library
1:30 pm                  Learn how to play the popular Regency card game whist.            530 N Wilmot Rd, Tucson

December 3            Jane Austen's Birthday Tea                                  Saguaro Canyon Church Meeting Room
1:00 pm-3:00 pm    The JASNA-Southern Arizona Region will celebrate the             10111 E. Old Spanish Trail
                                242nd anniversary of Jane Austen's birth with a high tea.                                        Tucson
                                Advance registration required.  Contact jasnaprograms@gmail.com.


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